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Garma, 2009

From August 6 – 10, members of Bula’bula Arts attended the Garma Festival of Yolngu culture.  ANKAAA (the Association of Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists Inc.) funded three Bula’bula artists and the curator to attend the annual celebration of Yolngu culture, held in the forest at Gulkula, Northeast Arnhem Land (near Nhulunbuy).  The three artists who attended the festival were ANKAAA board-member Richard Birrinbirrin, Peter Minygululu and Shirley Banalanydju.

A productive and enjoyable four days were spent camping amongst fellow artists and attending the following events:
* Garma Academic Key Forum, this year titled ‘Creative Industries’.
* the ANKAAA Arnhem Regional Meeting, where the group met with other local Art Centres and funding bodies to discuss important issues facing the individual art centres today.
* Yothu Yindu Foundation Printmaking Workshop.  Peter and Shirley each created a linocut print at the festival, with the possible opportunity of the foundation selecting their artwork for editioning.
* Visit to Buku Larrnggay Mulka Art Centre, in Yirrkala.
* Evening Bungul and entertainment.

Shirley, Peter, Richard, Garma

Shirley Banalanydju, Peter Minygululu, Richard Birrinbirrin

Peter Shirley Tent Garma

Peter Minygululu and Shirley Banalanydju camping at Garma

 Shirley at Garma

Shirley Banalanydju

Shirley and Peter Printmaking

Peter and Shirley creating linocut prints

Peter and Shirley printing

Peter and Shirley creating linocuts

peter's print

Peter's linocut being printed

peter and print

Peter Minygululu and his forked stick linocut print

Jason Dixon Arafura Swamp Band

Ramingining's own Arafura Swamp Band (Guruwilling Band), fronted by Jason Dixon

Richard Birrinbirrin

ANKAAA Board Member and BAAC artist Richard Birrinbirrin at the Garma Forum

peter and richard

Richard Birrinbirrin and Peter Minygululu