Bula'bula Arts Aboriginal Corporation has succesfully recruited a new Manager and a new Curator, as at the end of 2010.

The artists of Ramingining are renown for their disctinctive painting style and innovative, brightly coloured fibreworks, many of which are in major international and Australian public collecting institutions, as well as in stock at the Bula'bula Arts centre.

Many, but not all the works in stock, can be found on this website in the Gallery section. We hope you find something you like!

Manager: Kris Carlon

Curator: Yaja Hadrys  

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Artists,staff and members of Bula'bula Arts were excited to host a visit from nearby Art Centre Elcho Island Arts onThursday 5th November 2009. Elcho Manager Dion Teasdale was accompanied by Mavis Ganambarr (senior weaver and Elcho's artist liaison officer), Joe Manyguluma (artist and art centre worker) and Richard Manson (Marthakal Homeland Resource Centre CEO)  spent the morning here in Ramingining.

After a tour of Bula'bula's Art Centre and facilities, our friends from Elcho Island Arts enjoyed some shopping before flying over to another regional neighbour, the Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts Aboriginal Corporation.



Elcho staff outside Bula'bula

Elcho Island Arts visitors:  Joe Manygulum, Mavis Ganambar, Dion Teasdale & Richard Manson

inside Bula'bula

Shopping at Bula'bula:  Dion Teasdale, Mavis Ganambar, Sara Higgs (Bula'bula Curator), Joe Manygulum, Helen Dunn (Bula'bula Manager).

dion and mavis

Manager of Elcho Island Arts Dion and senior fibre artist Mavis Ganambar admiring Bula'bula fibre art.

outside Bula'bula

Bula'bula staff Jimmy Moduk (2) (far left), and Sara Higgs (second from right), are joined by Joe, Dion and Mavis outside Bula'bula Arts.