Bula'bula Arts Aboriginal Corporation has succesfully recruited a new Manager and a new Curator, as at the end of 2010.

The artists of Ramingining are renown for their disctinctive painting style and innovative, brightly coloured fibreworks, many of which are in major international and Australian public collecting institutions, as well as in stock at the Bula'bula Arts centre.

Many, but not all the works in stock, can be found on this website in the Gallery section. We hope you find something you like!

Manager: Kris Carlon

Curator: Yaja Hadrys  

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Date of birth : 1948

Language : Gupapuyngu

Clan : Daygurrgurr

Social Affiliations :  Yirritja moiety, Ngarritj subsection


Peter Gambung Djeki is a well educated man in the "balanda" (European) sense. Having studied through Batchelor College, Gambung was the Town Clerk of Ramingining in 1993. He also spent some time operating the BRACS (Broadcasting in Remote Aboriginal Communities Service) television in Ramingining.

Peter is a member of the Gupapuyngu language group, within which are a number of clans. Peter belongs to the Daygurrgurr clan. There is a locality near Elcho Island called Gambung Djeki, after which Peter is named.

Select Group Exhibitions:
2006, Bark Paintings, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne
2007, Bula'bula Arts: The Next Generation, Australia Dreaming Art, Melbourne

Kluge-Ruhe Collection, University of Virginia, USA.

1989/90, John Kluge, Painting Their Land Commission, USA

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